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Our multi-method approach to tutoring and intervention is helping students with poor grades live up to their full potential. Even students with ADD, ADHD, learning blocks, hyperactivity and many other issues can improve their learning, increase comprehension,build self esteem, and improve grades. Many of these students benefit from our Speed Reading program. In fact, kids who have been labelled with ADD and ADHD in many cases learn to speed read easier than the average college student can learn. They often do it with better comprehension than the average reader.

We believe that all children are brilliant. We want to help our kids to become better and more well behaved students now. Perhaps you could find yourself Calling Us now and schedule an introduction and evaluation. Our trained professionals will meet with you and your student and assess their current learning strategies, learning blocks, anxieties, skills, memory abilities, etc., and present a plan for change. Call us at (503) 515-7410. If you are affiliated with a school district, we offer a program to help kids who are struggling and have been placed in special ed classes. We work with schools to provide in-service seminars and programs to help them meet their committments to the government and community.

ETM also offers test preparation courses to prepare students for the SAT, ACT, PSAT, GRE, and other tests. Unlike other courses that spend much time on content, ETM trains the mind to more effectively retrieve information, speed up the mind for optimal study and test performance, and relieve the mind of test taking blocks and anxieties.

We can help your child to:

  • Learn course-specific information
  • Retrieve information more effectively
  • Think more rapidly and precisely
  • Release test blocks, anxieties and fears
  • Optimize learning and testing ability

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