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Traditional reading is taught using the vocalization model.(learn by reading outloud) A student will therefore learn to see the words on the paper, convert the word parts into a subvocalization.(hearing the words in his mind) Then the student derives meaning and understanding based on the symbols in his memories that the words describe.

ETM looks at the learned process to see where there may be some blockages that can be overcome. We also look at the option of teaching the student the right brain style of reading. Speed reading is reading using the right visual hemisphere of the brain instead of the left auditory hemisphere. Instead of hearing the words we read inside our minds as we read and then creating pictures and movies of the reading material, reading with the right hemisphere bypasses the subvocalization. People usually read less than 150 wpm because they can't speak faster than 150 wpm. Just like any new skill, it takes some adjustment in our approaches to reading. Our speed reading classes and one-on-one tutoring is performed by Kathy Forrest in Portland and Glenn Fletcher in Vancouver. Kathy has been teachinging speed reading since 1992 and is the the co-contributor to our reading course. Glenn learned how to speed read as a teenager, and has taught speed reading for the last 2 years. He's a master TPM practitionerand ETM evaluator.

Reading skills options

ETM private


ETM can work with the student to become a great reader

ETM practitioners can help your student overcome reading blocks and processing issues to improve reading and comprehension.

ETM Speed Reading

Speed Reading

ETM can teach techniques to increase a students' reading speed.

ETM practitioners and tutors can teach ways to increase reading speed. This can be done to increase speed, or to bypass current poor internal processing.

ETM Programs


Video speed reading program

ETM can provide speed reading courses in video format. Call us now for more information.

ETM Classes


Reading and speed reading classes.

ETM practitoners can provide reading and speed reading courses in a classroom setting.

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