• Q. How soon will it take to see improvement?
  • A. The process of learning is unique to every student and progress is dependent on a number of factors. However often improvement often is seen within weeks. Keep in mind though that mastery of concepts sometimes takes time, however with Educating the Mind, your child is assured to get the best possible help they need to be successful in school.

  • Q. How many hours do we need to schedule?
  • A. We require a minimum of four hours a month in two hour blocks. However it is recommended a minimum of two hours a week to start in order to get your child back on track. With higher level courses such as upper level math and science, or establishing beginner reading and math skills more time may be needed.

  • Q. Is there a payment plan?
  • A. Payments can be made weekly by cash or check.

  • Q. Teachers can be intimidating for my child. What type of special training do the tutors have to put children at ease?
  • A. ETM staff is made up of certified tutors that have training in developing comfortable relationships with your child.

  • Q. Will my child have additional homework?
  • A. With tutoring, your child will not have additional homework. Tutoring sessions can be focused on completing and understanding homework assignments and projects. If there are learning issues, we would have the student perform some of these activities during free time that the student would have available.

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